IT infrastructure solutions  

In collaboration with the leading global producers, we deliver, install and service the hardware and software that our clients require for creating an IT infrastructure. We cater for not only to clients that are in need of a newly created IT infrastructure, but also to clients that wish to elaborate their existing system with new servers, data storage units, computers, network nodes, printers or software. Our specialists will provide you with the best fitting and most economical solutions for your individual requirements.

Telecommunication solutions 

We offer all the necessary elements for wired or wireless telecommunication infrastructure. Our clients are provided with data and voice transmissions that are fast, secure and have impeccable quality. Our aim is to provide the most effective solution, in accordance with the requirements of your project.


Our specialists can design custom wireless networks for data transmissions. Our offers include:
  • Route planning that is synchronized with digital map in Riga or any other region in Latvia
  • Maintaining the optimal frequencies for data transmissions
  • Choosing and implementing the most suiting hardware and software products for your project
  • Preparing an elaborate technical overview of the project